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Young angler with big Westin lures and a huge pike

The 23 cm version of Westin Jätte is a perfect big-predator-lure for trolling and targeting huge pike. A home-painted Westin Jätte was part of the lure selection when Swedish Ola Nilsson, his friend Mattias Jönsson and the nephew of Mattias – 10 year old Gustav Nilsson – went trolling for huge pikes during the last part of November. Since the water was cold, the tactic of the day was to use line mounted side planners to spread out the lures and to fish at a slow speed close to 1.0 knots. The first huge pike of the day was caught by Ola who landed a beautiful 10.1 kg fish. This fish was tricked by a large plastic lure. Only 30 minutes later it was time for the Westin lure fished on Gustav’s rod to prove its worth. A huge pike had attacked the lure and Gustav was in for the fight of his life!

It was hard but Gustav managed to wrestle the fish to the boat and soon after he was posing with a pike that seemed gigantic compared to his own size. The impressive measures were 11.54 kg and 117 cm.
A big fish like this represents the top of the food chain and as a gesture Gustav released the fish unharmed back into the lake.
The homemade color used on the 23 cm Westin lure is called EKG by Ola Nilsson and his friends. The best resembling production color will be the Emo color – a new color for the 23 cm Westin Jätte in 2013.
Pictures: Pictures of Gustav by courtesy of Ola Nilsson. Archive photo by courtesy of Jörgen Larsson.

Land locked salmon from the shore - Magic Minnow Flax 

Daniel Nilsson: Char on
Magic Minnow D360

Last week Daniel Nilsson – one of our Swedish Kinetic / Fairpoint Outdoors sales representatives had combined a sales meeting with some fishing in the large Swedish lake, Vättern. ­Costumers Carl Schander and Martin Danielsson from the shop “Böjda Spön” were going to test some of the Magic Minnow lures on the land locked salmon found in the large lake.

Martin Danielsson: 8,1 kg land locked salmon on Magic Minnow Flax.

The first day they were fishing from boat casting with Magic Minnow D360° in-line lures near the rocky shore. A couple of smaller salmon were caught and two others, including a really large one, were lost. All of this during just one and a half hour of fishing.

The second day big waves made boat fishing to risky and the guys went casting from the rocks. Daniel was using a D360° while Martin picked a 20 g Magic Minnow Flax in “Burned Jewelry” color. Martin was first to hook up, and as while he was leaning into a big fish, Daniel was able to both hook and land one of the lakes beautiful char. There was no doubt that Martins fish was something extraordinary, and luckily Carl was ready to assist in landing the monster. As expected it was a beautiful salmon –
all chrome with dark spots. By carefully weighing the salmon and the landing net, the weight of the salmon could be calculated to 8.1 kilo – truly a remarkable catch!

The large salmon was gently released back into the lake after a few photos, and before the day was over another but smaller char a small salmon were also caught on the Magic Minnow lures.

Huge pikes on Westin Lures

Joakim Eriksson and Christer Lindström are two Swedish pike specialists catching a lot of big pikes every year. Some of the latest catches on Westin lures by the two skilled pike anglers are a couple of fish weighing in at almost the same weight. Using a Parrot Special colored 19 cm Westin Platypus, Joakim caught a 11.38 kg pike. Christer matched this fish by catching a pike weighing 11.47 kg. Both Joakims and Christers fish were caught while trolling at 1.5 knot. Christer was using a 19 cm Westin Jätte (Eelpout color) to catch his fish.

From the left: Christer Lindström
pike 11.47 kg on Westin Jätte 19 cm.

From the right: Joakim Eriksson pike 11.38 kg
on Westin Platypus 19 cm.

Big pikes on Westin Platypus

From Norway and Sweden we have some great reports on big pikes caught on Westin Platypus lures.
Erik “Pikewallis” Walmann from Norway is one of the most well-known pike fishing profiles in Norway and together with a handful of friends he is running Scandinavia’s most popular predator fishing blog –­ . According to Erik, he and the Westin Platypus lure has become very good friends lately. November 10th Erik was using the 19 cm natural Pike colored Platypus while fishing in the Mjøsa lake. He was fishing on top of a plateau at a depth of 2-3 meters when he caught a 112 cm long and 10.2 kg heavy pike.

Not only does Swedish lure maker Kristian “Stampe” Stam – – make some fantastic hand carved and custom painted lures. He is also a very skilled pike angler who isn’t afraid to experiment with other lures than his own. Early summer he bought a “concealed fish” colored 19 cm Platypys and liked the action. Since then the lure has been used for a lot of spin fishing and a lot of pikes including two fish over 10 kg. The first of these was caught a couple of weeks ago and measured 113 cm / 11.3 kg. It was caught while fishing in open water in an area with a depth of 12 meters and it attacked almost immediately after the lure hit the water. A posing and release YouTube video of the fish can be seen at:

Stampes latest catch on the same Platypus lure is even more impressive. This time he was fishing in a 5-6 meter deep area when a pike took the lure close to the boat. The fight was the toughest battle against a pike Stampe has ever fought. Luckily the odds turned in his favor and the pike weighed in at impressive 13.3 kg and 127 cm. A YouTube video of this fish can be seen at:

Of course Kristian “Stampe” Stam also catches a lot of big pikes on his own hand made Stampe Lures. Another video worth taking a closer look at is a video with a lot of different pikes during this spring and first part of the summer:

Autumn fishing at its best

When it comes to catching big fish this autumn has been nothing less than fantastic to Torben ”TC” Christensen from Kinetic. Earlier this year we published the YouTube video “Canibals on the hunt – big perch fishing in mid water”.  – featuring Torben and his colleague Jess Glargaard Pedersen catching some really impressive fish. Torbens hunt for big perch continued throughout the autumn and so far the list of big perch peaks with an impressive fish measuring 49 cm and weighing 1800 g.

The numbers of big fish caught by Torben proves that he sure knows how to find and catch those tricky lake perch. Most fish are caught on natural bait but it didn’t take him a long time to succeed, when he got the chance to test some vertical jigging using the new 2013 Westin PaddleTeez jigs and an Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging rod. A beautiful 1440 g perch was caught using this set up and the new Westin Jig was approved for big perch fishing.
Later this autumn it was time for some salmon trolling. As a guest TC joined the boat “Hustleren” sailing out of Simrishamn in Sweden to target some of the atlantic salmon found in the southern part of the Baltic Ocean.  With a total of ten salmon caught it was a remarkable day and Torben was rewarded with a hard fighting, bright, chrome fish weighing 10.9 kg as the best fish of the day.
The trailer was hardly back in Denmark before TC went on a pike fishing trip together with a small group of friends from
Pike 85 – . They were using livebait in mid water on a deeper lake to target some large pikes and once again Torben succeeded. This time the reward was a beautiful 112 cm long pike weighing 11.1 kg. It was released after shooting a couple of photos.

Danish salmon on Delfin Lure

At the small Danish river Storaaen the season ends on October 15th. There’s a catch limit to the number of salmon every year and once the limit has been caught only sea trout fishing and catch and release on salmon is allowed.

Thursday last week Danish salmon and trout expert Thomas Mosgaard was at the river to do some trout and salmon fishing.
At first the fishing was slow, but around noon Thomas decided to try out a Delfin Stikling lure. Within 15 minutes he caught and released the first salmon measuring 64 cm and then a larger male measuring 87 cm. The 87 cm fish delivered a fantastic fight and Thomas was sprayed in mud, when he managed to land it.

This 87 cm salmon took a Delfin Stikling lure
and Thomas Mosgaard was covered in mud before
it surrendered.

Three weeks ago Thomas damaged his arm and after catching a smaller sea trout, he wasn’t able to do more spinfishing. Instead he baited up with worms on a barbless circle hook and used this method for the rest of the day. After moving to another part of the river he ended his session by catching a couple of impressive salmon measuring 97 and 100 cm and a small salmon he didn’t meassure.

Tomas Mosgaard releasing a large female
salmon measuring 96 cm.

All fishes this day were caught using a Kinetic rod,
Viva reel and Rio Powerflex Braid.

The Delfin Stikling lure!

Lots of big halibuts on Magic Minnow jigs and rigs

At Nordic Sea Anglings (NSA’s) camps in Norway this seasons bookings is now over, but actually the fishing seems to be as good as it gets. Last week NSA owner Jimmy Andersson was visiting Havøysund. Whenhe arrived at the camp the first evening he couldn’t stand the temptation of testing a sample of the new Magic Minnow Crazy Daizy jig at a spot five minutes boat ride away from the camp. His first choice was the new rainbow color and it didn’t take more than 20 seconds before this jig delivered the goods. It wasn’t the biggest halibut in his career, but still a great start.

Jimmy was testing four different colors of the Crazy Daisy jig and for the following days all of them were catching halibuts. The weeks fishing peaked on the last day as Jimmy was fishing with camp manager Ulf Hugsén. This day the two of them caught eight halibuts in total. The biggest measured 143 cm and was caught on a combination of the head from a blue glamour colored Crazy Daisy with a rainbow colored body.According to Jimmy the new Crazy Daisy jigs are really hot: “They have proved to be real halibut killers and I’m expecting a lot of big halibuts to be caught on Crazy Daisy’s as they become available next year”.

Ulf Hugsén caught this nice 143 cm halibut using the new Crazy Daisy jig from Magic Minnow.

The father of NSA guide Fredrik Schmiterlöw caught this 175 cm halibut using dead bait and a Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rig.

At the NSA camp at Nappstraumen the halibut fishing is also peaking. Right now camp manager Fredrik Schmiterlöw is fishing with his father and a friend and the fishing is extremely good. When we talked to them yesterday they were fishing with deadbait on Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rigs. The fishing was absolutely crazy with halibuts measuring 115, 118, 124, 127, 150, 170 and 175 cm being caught and released.  The fishing took place only a few minutes boat ride from the camp and all three anglers had a new personal best halibut during the day. During the last week other big halibuts were caught by the three anglers and Fredrik had plenty of opportunity to test an Edge speed Jigging rod with a TiCA Talisman fixedspool reel that worked perfect for fish measuring 143, 150 and 170 cm.

In many ways sea anglers do not realize the full potential of the Norwegian sea fishing during the last part of the season. Despite what most sea anglers expect October is an excellent time of year for halibut fishing and hopefully bookings at this time of year will be more popular in the future, as people realize just how good the fishing can be.
The new Crazy Daisy jig in action as a 143 cm
halibut is forced to the surface
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Spectacular Salmon & Fly Fishing Action

Clear water and bright chrome sea liced salmons are a dream come true for most salmon anglers. Watching a beautiful Icelandic salmon river is a spectacular sight and it becomes even more spectacular; once the cameras dive down to get a close up of the action below the surface.

Salmon fishing on Iceland has become a yearly event for Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar, His father Einar Gjaldbæk and their friends. Once you have seen this video you’ll understand why.

David and Einar were using 9 feet #6 and 10 feet #7 Hardy Zenith single hand rods. Their preferred fly lines are RIO Dart –
a short head WF line made exclusively for Scandinavia by RIO Products ­– and the versatile RIO VersiTip line that will easily adapt to changing water conditions.

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

100 pound halibut on new “Crazy” Magic Minnow jig

Last week Peter Kirkby from Kinetic and some of the guys from Nordic Sea Angling (NSA) had the chance to test a handful of Crazy Daisy’s – a new Magic Minnow sea fishing jig for 2013. The main target was to go for halibut near the NSA camp at Nappstraumen on Lofoten in Norway. Already on the first day of fishing Crazy Daisy proved to have a lot of halibut appeal as a couple of nice fish were caught.

The two biggest fish caught on Crazy Daizy during the week was a 137 cm halibut caught by Dan Becirov and a 146 cm fish caught by Peter Kirkby. The 137 cm fish was caught on the new Rainbow color and the 146 cm fish was caught on the glowing Days of Thunder color. The 146 cm fish was caught at a depth of 35 meters and took several long runs back to the ocean floor before it was finally landed. In the boat it was measured to 146 cm. According to NSA guide Fredrik Schmiterlöw this fish was in extremely good condition and he estimates the halibut might have had a weight well above 50 kilos (110 pounds). After a short photo session the fish was released back into the North Sea.

This 100+ pound halibut was tempted by a Days of Thunder colored Crazy Daisy jig.

So far only a limited group of persons have been testing the new Crazy Daisy jig. All of them have little doubt, that this will be the hottest halibut-lure available once it hit the stores in 2013. We will of course get back with more information on colors, sizes and prices later.
At Nordic Sea Anglings camps at Nappstraumen, Tromsø, Havøysund and Sørøya guests are encouraged to catch and release of large halibuts. This one was released back to the North Sea.
NSA Guide Fredrik Schmiterlöw showing an average size halibut from the Nappstraumen area. It was tempted with one of the New Crazy Daisy jigs.

Close up of one of the new Crasy Daisy jigs from Magic Minnow. This color is called Fancy Cola Cacao.

Nordic Sea angling /

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Fishing for fat saithe with Slim Jim

During august the fishing for huge saithe has been excellent at the Nordic Sea Fishing camp at Sørøya. The Guides Johan Mikkelsen and Erik Axner were the first to find the saithe near one of their far away hotspots “Storskaltern” as they were testing a prototype of a new Magic Minnow jig for 2013 called Slim Jim. Fishing the jig up and down at a decent speed through the water column proved to be superior to all other lures and methods. Several huge saithe were caught by guides and customers with an estimated number of 10-12 fish over 10 kilos. The biggest was 15.5 kilos. For the following weeks the huge saithe and some large cods have been at the same spot whenever the weather has been calm enough to go out there.

The halibut fishing has also been good. One of the nicer fish caught lately was a 138 cm fish caught on the Magic Minnow Giant Jighead  – a jig only licensed for sale in Scandinavia. Several fish have been caught at Storskaltarn, but the fishing has also been excellent in shallow water at a depth from 7-20 meters near the shore.
At all the Nordic Sea Fishing camps there are reports of excellent halibutfishing right now. This time of year the fish tend to stay in shallow water and the shorter days makes the biting periods more intense. At the camp in Nappstraumen on Lofoten, guide Fredrik Schmitherlöw has been suscessful using the biggest version of the Magic Minnow Big Bob jig. This 730 g / 40 cm jig is a big mouthful, but the medium and large size halibut loves it. At Sørøya a 185 cm long halibut was caught by Tommy Påhlsson on a Fancy Cola Cacao colored version of this lure at the end of July. Right now they are hoping to catch an even bigger one at Nappstraumen…

All pictures by Nordic Sea angling /

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Excellent sea trout fishing

The sea trout fishing in Denmark and the southern Sweden has been excellent for the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago expert fly tier and sportsfishing journalist Andreas Aggerlund was fishing in Denmark with Peter Kirkby from Kinetic. Peter was fishing from the shore while Andreas was flyfishing and covering a little deeper water from his pontoon boat. The latter proved to be the best tactic as Andreas hooked a huge trout in prime condition. After an intense fight the fish was landed and it was indeed huge: 5.0 kilos and 70 cm were the measures – the biggest trout Andreas has ever caught on a flyrod. The fish was caught using a Rio Fast intermediate Sea Trout Shootinghead and a tubefly imitating a small sandeel. This clear shootinghead is a favorite for most of Andreas´ flyfishing from shore or pontoon boat and it was stripped in at a fast pace (almost as fast as possible) when the trout took the fly.

Next day Peter and Andreas were out again. This day Andreas decided to try spinfishing and it proved to be a good choice as he caught another impressive trout. This one was 4.7 kilos and took a Magic Minnow Sømmet inline lure.
The following weekend Andreas decided to go to Sweden and was rewarded with another big fish. Once again Magic Minnow Sømmet did the job. This time the weight of the trout was 3.1 kilo.

Same weekend as Andreas was going from Denmark to Sweden, Swedish Daniel Nilsson from Kinetic did just the opposite. Together with some of the Danish Kinetic guys he was boatfishing in Denmark. Out of several trouts caught on Sømmet that day Daniel had the biggest at approximately 4 kilos. This was a large colored fish that was released right after the capture and it was also a personal best for Daniel.

During the weekend that just passed Peter Kirkby from Kinetic was out again. For the last many trips he had been quite successful spinflyfishing with a clear/intermediate 20g Bombette / casting float and a Unique Flies RPO Yellow Tail. This combination worked excellent on a lot of smaller trout’s and some nicer ones up to 63 cm.
This weekend the rig worked again and so did Sømmet. A nice fish estimated at 3-4 kilos was lost on the Yellowtail fly and soon after a 55 cm fish was caught and released using the same fly. Later on Peter changed spot and tried fishing in some big waves as the wind picked up.  Using Sømmet he was immediately rewarded with a beautiful 2.4 kilo / 59 cm fish and later on two other trout’s around 1-1.5 kg were also tempted by the inline lure.

Cannibals on the hunt – big perch fishing in midwater

Big lake perch can be hard to target at summertime, but not impossible. Torben Christensen and Jess Glargaard from Kinetic prefer to search the open water areas for larger fish using natural bait and light tackle. One of the favorite set ups is to use a light Goodspeed G2 8´ rod, a size 2500 TiCA reel and a sliding float or a bottom bouncing with fluorocarbon leader and a size 4 Lazer Trokar TK400 hook
The big perch are usually scarce and hard to find but once you succeed they are vicious predators who don’t mind attacking a fair size roach or even turning into cannibalism when attacking one of their own! Last weekend Torben and Jess went perch fishing in a large Danish lake. In total the two of them managed to catch and release five huge perch. The “smallest” one was an impressive 1200 g perch and the two biggest took the scale to 1540 and 1580 g. 

When using natural bait it is important not to hesitate too long before setting the hooks. Allow only a few seconds to pass after a large perch attacks the bait and then strike. This way the fish will be hooked in the outer part of the mouth and can easily be released unharmed again.

Six years old and stand up fighting a spearfish 

Most anglers think that fighting a billfish is a sport for heavy weight champions. And yes, it sometimes takes a lot of raw muscle power and strength to succeed, but the right technique is usually more important. At an age of six years young Christian Eldor had to develop his own big game fighting technique when catching a 44 lbs spearfish. Christian was visiting the small island La Gomera which is part of the Canary Islands and together with his father Thomas Eldor Petersen from Fairpoint Outdoors/Kinetic he was fishing on board a private boat Beast’n owned and sailed by Søren Jensen from Vejle in Denmark. Besides targeting blue marlin they were also using a heavy popper rod and a fixed spool reel rigged with a smaller lure to target spearfish. When a spearfish finally attacked the lure, the rod was handed to Christian. To be able to fight the fish he had to hold the rod handle between his legs and use all his strength to turn the reel and constantly put pressure on the rod and the fish. He managed to succeed in his first stand up fight against a billfish and land the impressive Atlantic spearfish that was twice as long as Christian himself and had a weight of 44 pounds (20kg). The catch could have been a new world record in the small fry category, but skipper handed Christian the rod from the rodholder placed near the flybridge. According to the record rules no one else can hold the rod during the fight. 

This fish wasn’t the only one Christian caught during his visit on La Gomera. On board Beast’n he also caught a three kilo skip jack tuna and when fishing in the local harbor he had some excellent fishing for mullets. By using bread on a small hook he caught several mullets up to three kilos. Most of them were fighting like crazy in between boats, poles and piers. In addition to this he also caught several smaller colorful fish of different species.


Marlin action Video

Christian’s Father Thomas Eldor Petersen from Kinetic is an experienced blue water angler who has caught a large number of billfish and large tunas around the globe. During this trip to La Gomera he also caught and released a 550 lbs blue marlin. This marlin from La Gomera was his first from this location, but far from being his first blue marlin. On several occasions he has been visiting Cape Verde to fish with one of the World’s top marlin skippers Zak Conde onbord the boat Amelia (

Halibut report from Havøysund

Every year Nikolaj Hjort from Denmark spends two weeks guiding for Nordic Sea Angling ( at their camp at Havøysund in northern Norway. According to Nikolaj there’s no doubt on the choice of rod for his sea fishing.
“The Edge 3776, 20-30 lbs boat rod is simply top of the line, says Nikolaj. It is the best rod for this kind of fishing and shows an incredible amount of backbone; still it is light and has a great balance. Even when flexing down to the front handle it has that extra power, and I have never used a better rod.”

Besides fishing with different costumers Nicolaj was accompanied by his team-mate Kim Jæger when he was visiting the camp in July this year. Many days the weather was rough and conditions were hard, but they managed to test their rods on several big halibuts. During the two weeks Kim had halibust measuring 152 and 153 cm as his two best catches. Nikolaj was able to match this with an impressive fish measuring 156 cm. Both Kim and Nikolaj’s biggest were fat fish in prime condition and the weights were estimated at around 60 kilos before releasing those big halibuts – a great gesture and an important part of preserving the halibut population in the area.
All photos by courtesy of Nikolaj Hjort /

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Salmon report from River Namsen
Every year Thomas Eldor Petersen from Kinetic brings his family to River Namsen and the tributary Sandøla for a week of vacation and salmon fishing. At an age of six years, Thomas’ son Christian is already hooked on salmon fishing and showing remarkable skills. This year they were accompanied by Thomas’ good friend Flemming Schollert and his son Oliver. Both of them were hoping to catch their first salmon.
The water level and the general conditions were perfect and all four of them managed to catch salmon. Flemming had a 6.4 kilo fish from Sandøla as his first salmon ever, and his son Oliver was rewarded a beautiful three kilo salmon. Six years old Christian had a fight of a lifetime when he caught a 5.6 kilo salmon as his biggest fish and Thomas was rewarded a 6.8 kilo fish as his biggest.

The trip was a great opportunity to test some new Edge and Kinetic Goodspeed salmon rods. All of them performed even better than Thomas could have hoped for. The two deadliest lures of the trip was one of the new genuine silver plated Delfin lures and a Westin Thoro wobbler in black/copper.
The season on River Namsen and its tributaries has been good so far – but perhaps not as good as local experts would have hoped for, especially when taking the perfect conditions into consideration. The latest years the average size of salmon in Namsen has been dropping and several really small salmon are caught while the bigger ones are becoming rare.
Having said this, River Namsen can still surprise and produce huge fish. Earlier this year a really huge salmon was hooked on three different occasions at the “Jørum” beat. Last time the salmon was lost just as one of the local guides was ready to assist in beaching it. He estimates the salmon at 25 kilos – more than 50 pounds!

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Testing Edge rods in Panama

Lars Nielsen from Denmark is crazy about tropical popper fishing. Last week he returned from a trip organized in cooperation with Scandinavian tour operator GetAway Tours to their camp on Tuna Coast in Panama.  He returned with a lot of feedback and catches on the new Edge 3776 Popping rods. During the trip Lars was accompanied by Danish and Swedish anglers looking for popper action. A majority of the anglers had chosen to buy popper rods from the Edge 3776 series. In total they were fishing for eight days and had lots of action on poppers and stickbaits. Some of the action included some unbelievable “tuna frenzy” with packs of yellowfin tunas hunting large shoals of sardines. No fishing experience is as exiting and visually intense as fishing from a fast boat and casting a surface lure into an inferno of feeding tunas. On several occasions the tunas made huge leaps out of the water to attack the lure mixing with the panicking baitfish. Everyone on this trip got their share of hard fights against 25-40 kilo yellowfins – and all of it on light popper equipment.

Lars Nielsen is showing off with a beautiful yellowfin tuna. Most tunas caught during
the trip were in the 25-40 kilo range and it’s hard to imagine a better way to test the
Edge 3776 Popping rods.

During this kind of fishing – as well as when using larger poppers for cubera snappers – the tackle gets tested to the extreme and the difference between good and really good tackle is shown right away. Some rods break or do not live up to the expectations. The superior strength and qualities of the Edge rods was a popular topic every evening when the tired anglers meet up to share their stories.
Tour leader Lars Nielsen is a hard core popper angler travelling to most tropical parts of the world in search of huge fish. He’s also a tackle fanatic and has some high recommendations on the Edge 3776 Popping rods as a standard choice for fishing poppers up to 180 grams:
 “I have used a large number of some of the world’s best rods for poppers, including several rods in the 1000 dollar prize range. An Edge 3776 Popping rod shows properties that will fully match those rods,” says Lars.
Patrik Karlsson from the Swedish shop EL-GE Sportsfiske in Skövde is holding one of the biggest tunas caught during his resent Panama trip. This yellowfin was estimated between 50 and 60 kilos.

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

180 cm Halibut on Scary Jerry

A week ago Magnus Olofsson from Sweden was visiting the Nordic Sea Angling camp on Sørøya, Norway. When using a Scary Jerry jig he caught a huge halibut. We received his report from Nordic Sea Angling:
“Thursday July 5th we sailed out from Sørvaer at 9 am heading for far away fishing grounds. First stop of the trip was at “Innerbåen” and it didn’t take long to catch several seith and a couple of smaller halibuts. A few hours later we were far at sea and made our first drift at the southern part of “Storskaltarn”. I was using a scary Jerry jig at a depth of 35 meters. After a few distinct bites on the jig I decided to fish the jig a couple of meters higher in the water. It was attacked immediately and I was tied up to a fish I couldn’t move. Instead it slowly started to accelerate.
Rolling waves and the size of the fish made it hard to gain any line, but after 30 minutes of fight we saw the shape of a huge fish below the boat. As it broke the surface it looked even bigger and everyone on board was surprised by the size of it.
After unhooking and measuring the halibut we were ready to release it. It measured 180 cm in length and we were all fascinated as we watched this giant swim back into the deep. It was a memory to last a lifetime”.

If we’re not mistaking it won’t be the last time Magnus goes halibut fishing in Norway. Congratulations on a great catch on the Magic Minnow, Scary Jerry jig.
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Continuing 130 years of lure making tradition

Fairpoint Outdoors is pleased to announce an agreement with one of the oldest and most renowned lure brands in the Scandinavian fishing tackle industry – Delfin.

The first Delfin lures dates 130 years back and were made by goldsmith and jeweler Arnulf Hoff. From the very beginning the lures have been known as innovative lures of extremely high quality. This also explains why old Delfin lures are in high esteem amongst collectors and fishing fanatics willing to pay a smaller fortune for these.
Marketing manager at Fairpoint Outdoors, Thomas Petersen Eldor says: “With Delfin we are strengthening our assortment of classical lures. Not only is Delfin a perfect match for our portfolio of brands and lures, it is also one of the oldest and most esteemed brands in our business. Several of their models and unique color combinations are used on lures sold as “originals” today. Still no one has managed to copy and match the quality and fish catching abilities of these lures. In particular in Norway, Delfin is a very strong brand known by generations of anglers. We are already well established in Norway and the fact that we will produce and distribute Delfin lures will strengthen our position even more”.
The sisters Vibeke Hay Wold and Cecilie Hay Wiig are the fourth generation descendants of Arnulf Hoff. With this latest agreement the Delfin brand steps into yet another era. To the family it has been very important to maintain the unique quality of the lures as Arnulf Hoff created them. Fairpoint Outdoors already has a lot of experience on genuine silver plating and high quality production of metal lures. This knowledge will be an important part of the new production of Delfin lures to be manufactured in solid copper with genuine silverplating on several models and colors.
“The quality is so convincing that we are very excited to let Fairpoint Outdoors continue over 130 years of proud Norwegian lure making traditions and take the Delfin brand into the future,” says Vibeke Hay Wold.
Starting with first deliveries winter/spring 2013 Fairpoint Outdors will be taking over the manufacturing and Distribution of Delfin Lures.
The history of Delfin lures
Back in 1882 Arnulf Hoff created the first Delfin lures, “Hoffsluk”, to be sold from his goldsmith and jeweler shop in Norway. Their quality and ability to catch fish soon became known and the order books filled up. In 1903 the skilled jeweler and goldsmith started experimenting with other lure models, and with a larger selection and a growing demand the shop soon became way too small. In 1904 ­– 22 years after the first lures were made – Arnulf Hoff founded “Slukfabrikken Delfin A/S”. This factory was situated in Trondheim near excellent trout waters, beautiful coastline and famous salmon rivers like Gaula and Stjørdal Rivers. No one could imagine a better place for Arnulff Hoff to experiment with new lures, shapes and sizes.  As a jeweler and goldsmith he was always paying attention to details and his lures soon became a popular choice for anglers all over Scandinavia. To many they still rate as the best lures ever made.
With modern production taking over, attention to details is more important than ever. More than a century ago Arnulf Hoff understood how precious metals and other types of metals had a superior way of reflecting light in the water. He also understood how the different shapes and action patterns of a lure could trigger a bite. The Delfin manufactured today are based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of the man who created them so many years ago…

From left to right - four popular Delfin lures that will be produced and distributed by Fairpoint Outdoors in the future: 159, Kulpkrokodill, Stikling and Åsenskjea.

This handmade Norwegian cabinet was used for various exhibitions in Europe and Canada. The company was rewarded its first medal (first prize) at an exhibition in Trondheim back in 1906. Several other first prizes have been won since then. Up until the 60’s a lot of Delfin lures were also exported to Canada.
Photo: Ulrik Fohrmann

               A Delfin catalogue published 60 to 70 years ago.

New Big Bob video

Speed jigging equipment is usually related to tropical waters, but as this new, short video shows it can also be used for halibut fishing. When testing a new possible sea fishing destination in northern Norway earlier this year, Jimmy Andersson from Nordic Sea Angling was using a Edge speed jigging rod and a TiCA Talisman reel. Using this small but powerfull set-up he was able to catch, fight and land halibuts while fishing a Magic Minnow Big Bob jig in traditional “halibut style”. No high speed retrieve – just slow jigging movements near and above the bottom.
The water was still very cold during the short test fishing trip in May, but besides the halibut on the video three other halibuts and several large cods were caught. All of the biggest fish were caught on Big Bob jigs.
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Latest halibut catches from Sørøya

At Nordic Sea Anglings camp on Sørøya in Norway one of the hottest areas for fishing is called “Storskalltaren”. This area is a
plateau placed in the open ocean. There’s no shelter against wind and waves and for obvious safety reasons trips out here are only done by several boats sailing together and in the best of weather.


“The latest trip out there was one of those days that will be remembered for a long time, says camp magager and fishing guide Johan Mikkelsen. Several large cod up to 20 kilos and saithe up to 11 kilos were caught, but even more remarkable was the halibut fishing. Usually halibut fishing is a matter of patience and dedication, but this day the large flatfish were really active. All boats caught halibut and besides halibut below 125 cm at least 10 halibut in the range from 125 cm up to 167 cm (approximately 25 to 67 kg) were caught”. Almost all of these fish were released unharmed after a fast photosession.”

This day the best method was to use deadbait like small saithe on a Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rig. While drifting 1-1.5 knots, the rig was slowly retrieved from the bottom up to midwater and then lowered back down again.”
As usual jig fishing was also a great tactic for large halibuts. The biggest caught on jig was a 145 cm fish that attacked a 480 g Magic Minnow Big Bob jig in the Cola Cacao color.


As mentioned trips to Storskalltaren are only done in calm weather. Trips out there and fantastic fishing like on the latest trip is not to be expected every day. Closer to Sørøya there’s plenty of other options for great fishing. The cod fishing is some of the best found in Norway and the Big Bob jig continues to haul in big fish. Lately Nordic Sea Angling guide Erik Axner has caught 4 cods over 20 kilos using the Big Bob jig.

All photos from Johan Mikkelsen /

Four kilo Icelandic brown trout beauty

Kinetic test team member David Thormar is right now spending his holiday on Iceland. To him there’s no better way to relax than to fish as hard and as much as possible. As previous years the trout fishing has been spectacular and so far it peaked Saturday June 23th. as he caught a beautiful Icelandic brown trout weighing approximately four kilos (almost nine pounds). David was using a #6 RIO Dart flyline – a line made exclusively for Scandinavia by RIO Products – and a Hardy Zenith #6 rod. The line is a perfect choice for both over- and underhand casting from impossible positions and the Hardy rod is not only one of the best rods in terms of casting performance and delicate fly presentation, it also has an almost unbelievable strength when it comes to fighting big fish. All of this was needed as David was fishing in the small river Litlaá. This river offers anything from narrow, fast flowing parts to wider and more slow flowing sections.

Due to the volcanic underground the water temperature is high even at winter time and the trout’s grow fast. Furthermore the river houses both sea running brown trout (seatrout) and regular brown trout. We can’t tell for sure if David’s four kilo fish was a regular brown trout. But what we do know is, that it’s harder to imagine a more beautiful trout. It took a home tied Black Ghost and was one of several fish caught that day.


If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

124 cm pike on Westin Platypus
To the professional fishing guide Ronny Andén the season peaked last week, when one of his clients caught a huge pike measuring 124 cm and weighing 12.7 kg. Like several other big pikes this year, it was caught on a Westin Platypus.
The two brothers Robert and Ronny Andén are – without the shadow of a doubt – the most experienced fishing guides in all of Scandinavia.  In total they have been guiding fulltime for over 50 years with pike, perch and zander as their preferred target spicies. Most of the fishing takes place in freshwater or in the large brackish water estuaries near Stockholm.
Since the end of May the fishing has been “red hot” and costumers fishing with the two guides have been catching both large numbers and larges sizes of pike.  There has been days with four fish over eight kilos and the fishing peaked last week as one of Ronny’s customers caught the 124 cm / 12.7 kg monster on a 57 g Platypus. The very same day Ronny himself caught a 9.6 kilo fish.
At the end of May the pikes were in shallow water and the 17cm Westin Jätte Shallow Runner was deadly. Later as the fish moved into deeper water both sizes of the Platypus lure and the new 19 cm Westin Jätte did the trick. For many years the 17 cm Westin Jätte has been a favorite lure on Ronny and Roberts boats. According to Ronny the new 19 cm Westin Jätte is becoming equally as popular. It has a god size that even beginners are able to use and the large size and silhouette is really attractive to big pike in deeper water.
During the last weeks the best colors have been Concealed Fish, Red Tiger, Goldwing and Tiger.
For more information on Ronny and Robert Andén
visit their websites:

Ronny Andén 

Robert Andén

Monster halibut on Flat Matt


One of the latest reports on Monster Halibut comes from the shop VIPA in the Czech Republic. Every year a team from the shop visit Scandinavia to go sea fishing. This year the four man VIPA team was fishing in Dyrsfjord in Norway north of Tromsø. They were fishing at a depth of 40 meter, when Pavel Kepr hooked into a huge fish. The jig Pavel was using, was a Glowing Plaice colored Flat Matt Jig. Flat Matt jigs usually target larger halibuts and this fish was truly large.

Not only did it turn out to be one of the largest halibuts caught in Norway this year. With the impressive measures 210 cm and 125 kg, it was also the biggest halibut ever caught by a Czech angler.

Way to go! Here at we are congratulating on the catch.



The four man VIPA team with the 125 kg / 210 cm halibut caught on a Magic Minnow Flatt Matt jig by Pavel Kepr standing
in the top left corner.

EFTTEX Awards and new video

At the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) in Paris, June 2012 Fairpoint Outdoors were awarded two “Commended by the Judges” prizes.  The prizes were part of the EFTTEX Best new products award 2012 and went to our Move Mountains, Seeglo TR Thinsulate™ Vibram® winter boots in the “Best New Footwear” category and Westin, Jätte TeezTail in the “Best New Hard Lure” category. In the latter category a total of 21 lures were entered.
Here at Fairpoint Outdoors we are extremely proud of the two Awards. The products will not be available to consumers until 2013, but we believe that – besides increasing the sales on the specific products – the awards will lift the brand-awareness of both Move Mountains and Westin.

Those visiting our stand at EFTTEX were able to get a first view of a new video showing the incredible swimming action of the new Westin Jätte TeezTail. This video is now uploaded on YouTube and can be seen on our YouTube channel:

Fairpoint Outdoors A/S would like to thank all of those visiting and meeting us at EFTTEX 2012. Thanks to all of you the show in Paris became a very successful event.

Incredible Swimming Action - Westin Jätte TeezTail

Tailbait or crankbait? Jätte TeezTail is a little bit of both and a lot more versatile than most other lures.
At the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) in Paris, June 2012 it took part in the EFTTEX Best new products award 2012. In total 21 different lures were entered in the “hard lure” category and we are proud to announce that Westin Jätte TeezTail was elected for a “Commended by the Judges” prize.
With two different tails and several rigging options Westin Jätte TeezTail always makes it possible to find the trick of the day. Use the paddle tail for an intensive, irregular swimming action or the curltail for a more regular “Westin roll” and side-to-side swimming action. The curltail can even be turned up-side-down if a more moderate swimming action is needed.

• Lead Free Construction    • Japanese style carbon steel hooks    • Floating – running depth: 1-3 m
• Interchangeable tail mount system   • Curl- and paddletails included    • Extra sticks included
This lure was introduced at the show and will be available in tackle shops during 2013. It measures 29 g and 140 mm and is expected in 10 different colors. Each lure is sold in a package including two spare paddletails and two spare curltails as well as extra sticks for tail attachment.

Great cod fishing in Norway

During two weeks in March 2012 a phenomenal number of 28 cods over 30 kg (66lb) were caught by anglers visiting the Nordic Sea Angling camp on the norwegian island Sørøya. The majorty of theese including the biggest weighing 37 kg (81lb 9oz) were caught on the Magic Minnow Big Bob sea fishing jig. This is a video showing some of the big fish and the action.

Extreme sea trout catches in Denmark and Sweden

Both in Denmark and Sweden sea trout fishing is excellent right now.

A beautiful chrome 4.56 kg sea Trout caught by FishYourDream guide Kenny Cronhamn on a Magic Minnow Salty 26 g.

On Gotland in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea the guides Joakim Lyander and Kenny Cronhamn from FishYourDream had some excellent fishing on the D360°, Salty and several other Magic Minnow lures as they really hit the Jackpot and caught 35 trout’s between the two of them during a day. In general the size of the trout’s around Gotland is impressive and so were these with a majority of chrome bright fish between two and three kilos! To be honest, the fishing was so good, that Kenny is convinced that almost any lure would have caught fish. On other days the lure really makes a difference and so far the Magic Minnow Salty 26 g has been “the right stuff” on Gotland, and he wouldn’t recommend a guided trip without bringing a couple of these lures. So far he has caught several chrome bright fish from two kg up to 5,3 kg this year on Salty…
Another Salty enthusiast is René Busk from the Danish shop A little more than a week ago he was fishing in Mariager Fjord with the wind coming right against him. Using a 18 g Salty he caught a few fish, but when he changed for a 26 g version the real bonanza started. During two and a half hour he caught over 70 trout’s and even though he was using a fly as a dropper in front of the lure, the trout’s only took his Salty lure. Another friend was fishing along using other lures and only had six or seven fish.
The trout’s were of mixed size below and above the Danish minimum size of 40 cm and René was using barbless hooks to avoid damage on smaller fish. The occasional huge trout from 2-3 kg and up wasn’t there during those intense hours of fishing, but still – What a day!
For more information on guided trips to Gotland you should check out

Unbelievable cod season – 28 over 30 kg at Nordic Sea Angling

At the NSA (Nordic Sea Angling) camp at Sørøya cod fishing has been nothing less than fantastic this year. Including the four 30 kg cods caught on Kinetic Test team member Jakob Lindbergs boat a total of nine cods over 30 kg was caught last week.

Ulf Hugsén who is managing the camp right now sums up the camp catches so far (March 28th) to a staggering number of 28 cods over 30 kg caught since the beginning of the month. The majority of big fish are caught on Magic Minnow Big Bob including the biggest fish so far at 37 kg and 145 cm. Ulf himself also managed to land his second fish over 30 kg. The exact weight was 32.5 kg and once again Big Bob did the job! The technique Ulf uses for fishing Big Bob is to jig it above the shoals of cod in long slow movements up and down. Every now and then he adds a bit of variation by making some smaller movements or by slowly retrieving the jig.

More info on Nordic Sea Anglings camps:
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Five 30 kilo cods caught by Kinetic test-team member

Kinetic test-team member Jakob Lindberg has just returned from his second trip to Sørøya in Norway this season. Once again he was targeting the monster cods caught up there right now. This year the fishing has been phenomenal and a lot of cods in excess of 30 kilo have been caught. The majority of these cods have been caught on the new Magic Minnow Big Bob sea fishing jig – and actually Jakob was the one who came up with the initial idea of making this jig. Together with Nordic Sea Angling he has been an important part of testing and perfecting it.
On his first trip this year Jacob caught nothing less than three cods over 30 kilos on Big Bob. The biggest of these took the scale to 34.0 kilo. In other words expectations for his second trip were sky-high. Jakob and his friends Troels Bill and Mads Sylvester were all hoping to cross the 30 kilo barrier.

Only a year ago most people would say that these expectations were completely insane, but this year anything seems possible. It’s the best season ever and the guys were fishing with the best big cod lure ever made – Big Bob! On the first day of fishing both Troels and Mads had their dreams fulfilled. Both of them caught cods at the exact same weight – 30.5 kilo. On the third day Troels crossed the “barrier” once again. This cod was 30.25 kilo. And finally – towards the end of the trip – Jakob and Big Bob did it again. A large cod engulfed the 40cm jig and soon after Jakob was posing with a 33.2 kilo cod. This cod was his fifth ever over 30 kilo! A remarkable achievement unmatched by any other sea angler in Scandinavia or – as far as we know – any other sea angler worldwide).


Troels Bill with another monster cod caught while testing new Big Bob colors for 2013

Photo credit: Jakob Lindberg

“Big Catch” on Westin Platypus

Last year Westin Jätte was the hottest lure for big pikes on some of the biggest clearwater-lakes in Sweden. These lakes hold pikes of gigantic dimensions and the biggest pike of the year – 18.78 kg – was caught on a Westin Jätte. This year a new Westin lure might take over the title as the hottest lure…

Last weekend was the first weekend without ice and one of Swedens top fishing guides, Kristian Keskitalo from, vent out with his friends Göran Roberts and Stefan Källström. They were trolling with six rods and the lures included a pair of 190mm Westin Platypus lures in colors Drag queen and Zombie. First part of the day was slow, but they had a few fish and lost what seemed to be a really big one.
In the afternoon they went back to the area where the big one was lost, and instantly a nice pike attacked the Drag Queen-colored Platypus. This fish started the action and in total 10 pikes were caught – all of them took one of the two Westin Platypus lures. Four of the pikes were over 100 cm long and the two biggest took the scale down to 10.3 kg and 12.2 kg.
During the week more big pikes have been caught on the Westin Platypus lure. According to a local tackleshop 10 fish exceeding 10 kilos have been caught on Platypus lures so far.

Kristian Keskitalo showing the biggest pike of the day: 12.2 kg!
The guys made a great YouTube video showing a lot of the action and the big pikes.

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

30.8 kilo monster cod – Johan and Big Bob strikes again!

The cod fishing at Sørøya in Northern Norway seems
to be at its best right now. This past Sunday the head guide at the Nordic Sea Anglings camp, Johan Mikkelsen, caught a cod over 30 kilo. It was the second time during

his career he crossed the 30 kilo barrier and as far as we know, this also makes him the first Swedish angler to ever do this. This day he started out with a 25.5 kilo fish as second cod of the day and then he caught the really
big one ­– 30.8 kilo.

The amount of cods present was amazing and the average weight was really high. Johan ended the days big cod session by catching a 21 kilo fish. All the cods were caught on the 730 g Magic Minnow, Big Bob jig.Lately Johan has been using one of our new Edge 3776-T rods. It’s a 5’2”
Speed jigging rod developed for tropical fishing. According to Johan it’s also a great rod for heavy cods in colder regions.

Johan Mikkelsen showing his impressive 30.8 kilo cod caught on a “Fancy Cola Cacao” colored Big Bob jig.
Photo courtesy: Jonas Broman

Kinetic Test Team member Jakob Lindberg also had a great day. In total the team on his boat caught nine fish over 20 kilos.
The biggest took the scale to 25.1 kilo.
The day after Johan was “grounded” and had to take care of work ashore in the camp, while Jakob and his team had another crazy day. In total they had seven fish over 20 kilos and the biggest was another monster for Jakob. At a weight of 30.3 kilo he caught the third cod over 30 kilos during his many years as a passionate cod angler.
A constant flow of pictures and news from Nordic Sea Angling can be found on their website:

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:


Monster char on ice fishing lures and vertical jigging rods

There’s no doubt that some of the biggest landlocked arctic char in Scandinavia are found in some of the Norwegian lakes housing fish farms. Last weekend Kinetic product developer Elias Narvelo was fishing a Norwegian water together with test team member Fredrik Hansen and their friends Thomas Ringstrømm and Jesper Cramer. In total they were able to land 111 char between the four of them. The technique more or less ice fishing techniques adapted to boat fishing. Best lures were Magic Minnow Titicaca and Titicaca 2Blink with 10-15 maggots on the single hook below the lure. The rods were Lokka Heavy ice fishing rods and the new Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging. As the name suggest the Edge rod was designed for vertical jigging – especially for large zanders. It proved to be excellent for this kind of fishing. Providing the angler with a great feeling of what’s going on, great bite detection and excellent hook setting and fighting properties.
Four of the chars caught exceeded the four kilo mark and Fredrik caught the two biggest as he was using his Edge rod and a glow/black Titicaca 98mm lure. At a weight of 5.2 and 5.8 kilos these were really massive fish.
Fredrik is now working on a full story on the trip. This will be featured in a future issue of the fiske-feber magazines in Denmark and Sweden.

A: Thomas Ringstrømm caugth this 4.8 kilo beauty.

B: The New Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging rods performed excellent as Fredrik Hansen was fighting the biggest char of the trip.

C: The Magic Minnow Titicaca glow/black accounted for several big fish like this 3.4 kilo char presented by outdoor writer and test team member Frederik Hansen.

D: Releasing a huge 4.4 kilo char back into the lake. There are several local rules – written and unwritten – to take care of.
Only local rental boats can be used and the team released all their fish unharmed.
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

30.5 kilo cod – Insane cod action on Big Bob!

Saturday the weather at Sørøya in northern Norway was a bit rough, but the two Kinetic test team members Jakob Lindberg and David Thormar didn’t mind. They were in the middle of some of the craziest cod action ever experienced. Jakob is one of Northern Europe’s most hard core sea anglers and after driving the boat for half an hour he found the fish and there were more of them than he could ever imagine. 79 of the cods caught this day crossed the 10 kilo mark and out of these seven were over 25 kilos! The biggest was an impressive cod weighing 30.5 kilos. All of the biggest fish were caught on the new Magic Minnow Big Bob jig designed for this kind of fishing.
Allowing the big cods to decompress a few meters below the surface before bringing them to the boat makes it possible to release more than nine out of ten fish unharmed, so only a few cods were kept.
With a catch like this there’s always a risk that expectations might become sky high. It’s important to remember that Jakob and David are really experienced anglers, still it’s the best start of the season ever at the Nordic Sea Angling (NSA) camp and of course we are proud of the fact that our new Big Bob sea fishing jig was part of making it happen!
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Time for monster cods on Big Bob!

At Nordic Sea Anglings camp on Sørøya in northern Norway it’s time for monster cods. During the coming weekend and the following days the weather forecast looks perfect and everything is ready for non-stop sea fishing action. The so called “Skrei” – a strain of cod from the Barents Sea – are abundant in the waters around the island right now and March/April is usually the time when many of the biggest cods are caught.
So far strong winds has made fishing almost impossible for the last week, but for a few hours calmer conditions allowed the NSA guide Johan Mikkelsen and the boat mechanic Mats to test the new Magic Minnow Big Bob jigs. It didn’t take long before Johan was able to catch the first cod of the day – an impressive 19 kilo fish. Soon after an even bigger cod couldn’t leave Mats’ jig alone and he was able to land a 21 kilo fish.

Johan Mikkelsen 19 kg.                                                            Mats' 21 kg.

The session only lasted for one hour until the wind picked up, but it showed the potential of the area and the new Magic Minnow Big Bob jigs. There’s no doubt that these jigs will be catching some really huge cods during the next many days…
Information on Nordic Sea Angling can be found at:
Photo credits: Johan Mikkelsen /
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Big Baltic Sea Trout’s on Salty lure

The Swedish island Gotland located in the Baltic Ocean
approximately 80 km east of Oskarshamn offers mile after mile of beautiful coastline and pristine sea trout fishing. The trick is of course to find the spots where the big trouts are hiding and to know how to catch them. The guides from FishYourDream know how! We just received a report from guide Kenny Cronhamn telling of excellent fishing during the last weeks and perfect conditions right now, when all ice has disappeared and it’s possible to fish all over the island. The best lure so far has been the Magic Minnow Salty 26g in a color called “Pattegrisen”. Bright chrome fish up to 4.9 kilos and several between 2.4 and 3.6 kilos have been caught on this lure. Furthermore Kenny tells that he and his clients have experienced some good days with several fish between 60 and 80 cm.
For more information on guided trips to Gotland you should check out The spring season is starting soon and if the fishing continues like the last weeks it’s going to be fantastic…

A Short Presentation of the underwater action of Magic Minnow Salty can be seen at:

112 cm - Last big pike of the ice fishing season? 

The other day Daniel Hein from Kinetic was out on the ice on a small Danish lake to try our Kinetic ice fishing rods and our new Kinetic Icecore drills. It was a quick afternoon session and the drill was used extensively. Luckily the quality of the drill made the job easier, and the pikes also seemed to cooperate:
“After catching five smaller pike, we decide to drill a few more holes even though the day is coming to an end. At first nothing happens and we start packing our gear. We are about to take in the last rod as something attack the baitfish. In a steady pace the line disappears into the hole over the deepest part of the lake. As I strike and set the hooks the response is solid and heavy. There’s no doubt. It’s a big pike. After a few runs and some heavy headshaking the head of a big pike shows up in the 200 mm hole. Without further complication I’m able to get a gill grip and land the fish. It’s carefully placed in a weigh sling and the weight is determined: 10.9 kilos. The length of the impressive fish is measured to 112 cm. After a few photos in the very last light of day, the pike is safely returned to its world below the ice.
It is important to point out, that we never keep a pike out of the water in freezing temperatures, since there’s a risk of harming their eyes. Luckily the temperatures this day was above freezing,” says Daniel.
Right now temperatures in Denmark are relatively high and the ice is melting. Daniels pike might very well be the last big fish of the short Danish ice fishing season.
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Westin Platypus vs. monster perch

The rolling action of Westin Platypus is deadly to most predators. It’s no secret that big pikes were the main targets in mind when designing this lure, but perch seems to love them as well. The latest choking report comes from Henrik Lützen from the Danish shop Predator Sportsfishing who was on the water at the end of last week:
“I had a super day of fishing, says Henrik. We were targeting big pikes and caught several with the two biggest around seven kilos, but the big surprise of the day was not the pikes!

We were trolling the lake with four rods out – one of them with my last Parrot Special colored 57 g Westin Platypus. During the day 25 fish were caught in total and out of these nothing less than 18 were caught on the same rod. The rod with the Platypus! As I mentioned there were other big predators than pike around. Three monster perch were caught. The two “smaller” ones where 1.7 and 1.8 kilos and the biggest measured 47 cm and had a weight of 2.1 kilos! It was –of course – caught on the Platypus lure. This trip is far from the only time I see this lure outperform everything else, and I’m just sorry they were sold out and this was the only one I had left.”
Henriks huge 2.1 kilo lake perch is by far the biggest we have heard of, since the new lure arrived in the shops, but it is far from unusual that perch from 700 grams and up attacks this lure. We were actually able to film it when a 800 g perch attacked underwater and was caught by 5 years old Christian Eldor. Spend a minute to watch the entertaining video!

We have also received reports on big pikes caught using
the Platypus lure. In December Wolf Dieter Kaiser from caught a pike measuring 112 cm and 11.2 kilo. It also took the Parrot Special color, that Henrik used for his perch. Other colors that have worked well for Wolf and the brackish water pikes at Rügen are Emo and Natural Pike.

Henrik Lützen showing his fantastic 2.1 kilos perch caught on a Westin Platypus.

German brackish water pikes are crazy about Westin Platypus.
This is a 112 cm specimen caught by Wolf Dieter Kaiser.

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Godspeed G2 Wading Jacket
When designing and perfecting this Godspeed G2 wading jacket we aimed for the very best. This jacket is shaped to fit even when fishing gets extreme. You will find all the “pocket-space” needed by expert anglers and you will enjoy all the small features designed specifically for fishing and making fishing more enjoyable. Below the left front pocket cover you will find a headset channel, making it possible to use your phone, iPod or MP3 while keeping it stored in the inner pocket. On the left front pocket you will also find a super magnet insert that will hold both flies and lures. The storm cuffs are designed to prevent water from sneaking up your sleeves – keeping your arms dry on a rainy day. The expandable back pocket design can be zipped in for a close fit when not in use.
Our new WPS Extreme nonporous 3-layer membrane offers a high waterproofness and is able to withstand an 8000 mm water column pressure, the moisture permeability is excellent and the breathability is measured to 5000 g/m2/24hrs. Combined with our wear and tear resistant Nylon/Taslon fabric this gives you the very best in three layer breathable jacket design for both salt- and freshwater.

2 large front pockets
1 small tippet/accessories pocket (front, left)
1 small water-repellent accessories pocket (front, right)
2 front hand warmer pockets
1 inner pocket
1 large expandable back pocket
Godspeed G2 Wading Jacket
- 3 Layers WPS Extreme membrane
- Waterproof: 8000 mm/psi
-  Breathability: 5000 g/m2/24hrs
- High performance storm cuffs
-  Built-in retractor
- Rod holder system
- Expandable back pocket
- YKK Zipper
- Double tippet feeder system
-  YKK D-rings in neck and right front pocket
- Super magnet insert holds both flies and lures
-  4 sizes from M to XXL
Available in Kombu Green size M to XXL.

We have been testing and perfecting the jacket
and the final samples during a couple of seasons.
Last test was when it kept us dry during a day
of non-stop pouring rain and winds around 15 m/s
at the Swedish south coast.

The catch-photo attached are from one of the
better days of testing while catching a 4.5 kilo
arctic char in Greenland.

New Magic Minnow monster jig - Big Bob

A wicked bad-boy is ready to hit the sea fishing camps, the charter boats and all the fast boats out to catch the big one. Big Bob is the nastiest sea fishing jig to ever swim in the North Sea.
Every year during late winter and early spring the so called “Skrei” – the big pelagic cods from the Barents Sea – gathers close to the coastline of northern Norway of to eat and spawn. The amount of fish is unbelievable and the biggest cods found here are the biggest cods found anywhere in the World. Big Bob is designed to play with these big boys as well as the biggest halibuts. No matter if you are out to set a new European cod record or out to catch a big “barren door”, you now have the choice of trying Big Bob in two sizes: Big Bob, 470g and 30cm or the really Big Bob measuring 730g and 40cm.
- 2 models: 470g/30cm – 730g/40 cm
- 5 colors
- Designed for huge saltwater predators
- Active eyes and durable painting
- Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
- Great swimming-action
- 100+ lbs Gozen PE-braid assist/stinger rig included
- Ultra sharp Japanese style sea fishing hooks
- Integrated single hook + one #3 heavy duty stinger rig treble (470g)
- Two #3 heavy duty stinger rig trebles (730g)
Available in the following colors:

Designed with North Sea cod experts:
Big Bob was designed to meet specifications from the staff of guides working at Nordic Sea Anglings many camps in Norway. During last season 20 cods in excess of 30 kilos was caught at the NSA camps and the list of big cods over 20 kilos is unbelievable. There is little doubt that the guys from NSA are the leading experts on how to catch the biggest “skrei” found in Norway. One of the best methods is to find the big shoals of cod and present a big jig just above the shoal. “The biggest cods are at the top of the shoals and large jigs will catch larger cods – a really large jig like Big Bob will make it possible to target the biggest cods”, says Jimmy Andersson from Nordic Sea Angling. “Even the small size is big compared to other jigs and if the weather gets a bit nasty I’m looking forward to the improved line control that the big model will offer”, says Jimmy. “I’m also looking forward to be using the new Big Bob models for targeting halibut. I have high expectations that the weight of these sea fishing jigs will make them a perfect choice for jig trolling after huge halibuts in deeper water”.
More info on Nordic Sea Angling at: